Film choreography coaching using body language

Film choreographies are developed from concepts by the writer and director.Angelika Honig bei Proben

These will be tailor made to suit each actor’s individual performance.

If required, we can offer our expert advice as to the selection of music.

The dance training and coaching’s organization and coordination are flexibly adapted to the time limits of each phase of production.

For large dance scenes, such as ball scenes, the dance sequences and scenes of the actors and extras on set will be set up in consultation with the director, camera crew, costume artists and set designers.

Angelika Honig umringt von Monstern am Set We can offer you a network of dancers who have professional training and a perfect command of the following dance styles, for example: classical, show, breakdance, hip-hop, folk, street, tango, foxtrot, charleston, jazz, rock 'n roll, boogie, lindyhopp, rumba, chacha, historical dance, waltz, salsa and modern. If required, we can also add acrobatic elements. Or the dancers can also be used as agile extras.

Often it is not just about dancing, but body language in general. For example: how do I move or behave when playing in an historical piece? For example, on which arm would a woman from the 18th century walk? How can performers express certain emotions with their bodies, without using words? It is another way to non-verbally demonstrate: how would a monster move? Or a mannequin, a banker, a queen etc?

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